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What is this?

Storyteller is a self-hosted platform for creating and reading ebooks with synced narration. It's made of of two components: the backend server, and the mobile apps. Together, these components allow you to take audiobooks and ebooks that you already own and automatically synchronize them, as well as read or listen to (or both!) the resulting synced books.

Who is this for?

Storyteller provides two relatively unique use cases:

  1. Providing a better experience for readers that wish to be able to switch between listening to a book in audiobook format and reading it as a digital, visual book
  2. Providing a guided narration experience for users that would like to listen to a book's narration while reading it.

Storyteller is also self-hosted software. This means that instead of running on servers owned by a company or other organization, it runs on your servers. You own your content and your data, and it will always be available to you!

How do I use it?

If you're looking to host your own Storyteller instance, take a look at the Getting started guide. If you or someone you know has already created a Storyteller instance and invited you to it, and you'd just like to read the books they've shared with you, take a look at the Reading your books documentation.